Children explore the world using their senses, touch, taste, smell, sight, movement, balance, and hearing. Art is a great avenue for children to incorporate all their senses while learning and exploring. However sometimes to a young child different sensorial activities may become overwhelming, this is why I believe it’s important to introduce our children to as many different sensory activities as possible.

Sensory Rice is easy to make, fun to explore, and can be used over and over again. Here is how we make our sensory rice!

Step One: Pour 2 cups of rice into a gallon zip lock bag, add a few squirts of your favorite color of liquid water colors. (You can also use vinegar and food coloring, similar to egg dying, but liquid water colors are much faster in my opinion, and much more vibrant.)

Step Two: Seal ziplock bag, and mix up rice and coloring.
Step Three: Pour out on parchment paper and let dry for a few hours, break up any clumps.
Repeat steps 1-3 until you have the colors you want, then play!

What are some of your favorite sensory materials?

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